For 20.000 years the godkings ruled over Tulifar. Their rule was harsh, swift to judge, and overbearing. These chromatic dragons were merciless and vengeful. They slayed the metallic dragons over time one by one until thier rule was complete. They utilized giants and goblinoid to serve their needs as well as demons and devils, As all empires do, they fall. One by one the humanoids rose up against them and one by one they fell too. The last dragon Osengal fell 5,000 years ago in a glorious battle that destroyed the area for miles. This time has been peaceful for the most part. Here you find yourself having a plate of food and a glass of good wine or ale at the Red Dragon Inn. What brings you here is your tale to tell, but something is happening, for there are many strangers in town. Coincidence or fate?

The Power of Two

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